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The road to recovery following a cardiac event can take time. Our goal is to support you along the way.

Research has shown that cardiac rehab reduces the risk of further cardiac events and hospital readmission. Our program is designed to provide support, education and guidance on exercise, nutrition and emotional well-being.

Cardiac rehab is designed to help you get back to your previous activities, and we will personalize your therapy plan to help you achieve your personal goals. We look forward to working with you!

At your follow-up appointment, you will be given an exercise prescription. Prior to that visit, please review your packet and complete the physical fitness assessment, patient health questionnaire and goal sheet.

Exercise resources

Helpful websites


  • Resource for general information on cardiovascular disease
  • Exercise and nutrition information


  • General information on cardiovascular disease
  • Exercise resources, including live workouts
  • Nutrition information

Helpful apps

SilverSneakers® GOTM

  • Access to workout programs that can be tailored to your fitness level
  • Adjustment of exercises to your comfort level with one click
  • New exercises, with easy-to-follow videos
  • Tracking of exercise and vital signs


  • Full cardiac rehabilitation program relevant to you and your condition
  • A resource to track exercise data and email it to your provider

My Cardiac Coach

  • Reliable, science-based information from the experts at the American Heart Association
  • Interactive lessons that help you learn about lifestyle changes and get started
  • Progress trackers for monitoring blood pressure and weight
  • Tools for logging physical activity
  • Medication management tools
  • Connections to other survivors and experts through the Support Network