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Mount Nittany Health financial assistance policy


Mount Nittany Health provides services on the basis of an open admission policy. This means that all services will be provided to all individuals, without regard to the individual's ability to pay. Eligibility for free care will be determined in most cases after the services have been provided.

All Mount Nittany Health services, including Medical Center-based physicians' services — whether the services are provided at the main facility in State College or at its off-campus site in State College — will be available at no cost to all who request free care services and meet eligibility requirements. Eligibility for free care will be determined using income levels greater than the federal poverty level. Eligibility for Medical Center-based physician free care will be determined using income levels equal to the federal poverty level.

Please note: Eligibility for free care services does not include charges for physicians who are not Medical Center-based. Individuals will be responsible for making their own arrangements with private-treating physicians. As a service to the community, indigent or Medicaid (Medical Assistance) patients seeking care at a Mount Nittany Health facility will be assigned to on-call medical staff physicians according to the nature of their problems. An assigned physician has the option of accepting Medical Assistance payment or treating the patient at no charge. 

The following is a list of Medical Center-based physicians:

  • Centre Emergency Medical Associates (all emergency department physicians)
  • Centre Diagnostic Imaging, PC (all radiologists)
  • Centre Pathology Associates (all pathologists)

Income guidelines

Income guidelines for eligibility are based on the size of a family:

  • One member: $33,975
  • Two members: $45,775
  • For family units with more than two members, add $11,800 for each additional member.

Determining eligibility

After services are provided, Mount Nittany Health will determine eligibility for free care services within 30 days of receiving a completed application and required supporting documents. An individual who is eligible for free care will be notified in writing of a favorable determination. This notice shall include:

  • Date on which services were requested
  • Date on which determination was made
  • Income of applicant
  • Dollar amount or percentage thereof to be allocated for free care services

When a request for free care is denied, the applicant shall be notified in writing. If the patient cannot pay the total bill, Mount Nittany Health will discuss alternative payment arrangements.

Contact us

If you believe you qualify, please contact the Mount Nittany Medical Center Business Office at 814.234.6171 or Mount Nittany Physician Group at 814.278.4807. Also, if you receive a bill from the Medical Center, from Medical Center-based physicians or from assigned on-call physicians after you have been approved for the Medical Center Free Care Program , including Medical Assistance , please contact the number listed on the bill you have received. Any problems related to either process may be referred to the Medical Center chief financial officer.