Our goal for all patients at Mount Nittany Medical Center is high-quality, efficient care to get you back to your life.

High quality care means you and your family have a hospitalist in the Medical Center who has learned about you and will do his or her best to get you well and back home as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Specially trained in caring for patients needing inpatient care, hospitalists are focused on you to make sure you receive proper tests and procedures, and will follow up with your treatment plan throughout the day.

Since our hospitalists work at Mount Nittany Medical Center, patients can ask a nurse to page a hospitalist if they wish to speak to him or her.

Getting to Know You

As soon as you are admitted to Mount Nittany Medical Center, your hospitalist will spend time with you to go over your health records to gain as much information as possible to determine the best care for you.

Following Up

At discharge, your hospitalist will send your inpatient information to your primary care physician for your records. If you do not have a primary care physician at the time of discharge, your hospitalist will refer you to one and will provide your inpatient information to that doctor.

It is important that patients follow up with the assigned primary care physician to ensure a safe and healthy recovery.

Mount Nittany Physician Group Hospitalist Team

Ashley Bowser
Jonathan Ashley, MD

Ashley Bowser
Ashley Bowser, PA-C

Peter Thomas 4x6 W
Gwen Filipowicz, PA-C

Peter Thomas 4x6 W
Sarah Guillard, CRNP

Lauren Hahn 400x600
Lauren Hahn, PA-C

Daniel Lin 4x6 W
Roy Kedem, MD

Taylor Murarik
Elizabeth Martin, DO

Taylor Murarik
Weldon Miller, MD

Taylor Murarik
Daniel Olivero, MD

Rick Pasquariello, MD

Ryan Ridenour 4x6 W
James Powell, Jr., MD

Ryan Ridenour 4x6 W
Ryan Ridenour, DO

George Saborio
George Saborio, MD

Jonathan Siuta 4x6 W
Jonathan Siuta, MD

Jessica Stevens 4x6 W
Anupamaa Srivastava-Sinha, MD

Jessica Stevens 4x6 W
Jessica Stevens, DO

Peter Thomas 4x6 W
Peter Thomas, DO

Taylor Murarik
Nathaniel Townsand, MD

Natalie Tussey
Natalie Tussey, MD

Natalie Tussey
Rachel Zimmerman, DO