Family & Internal Medicine

WooleyFamily and internal medicine providers provide personal, comprehensive, and continuing primary care to you and your whole family. At the heart of these specialties is the patient-physician relationship within the context of community and family.

Family physicians are specially trained to care for their patients from infancy into senior years, and they place importance on preventative measures to keep your whole family healthy. Internal medicine is primary medical care for adults. A patient's primary care provider is the person he or she sees regularly for health maintenance examinations and screening tests.

Both specialties treat routine illnesses such as a sore throat, upset stomach or flu. Providers can also manage chronic conditions that do not require the services of a specialist, refer patients to a specialist when necessary and manage overall medical care.

Continuity of care is an important aspect of maintaining good health, and a family physician who knows you and your family is well-equipped to help you make the best choices for your individual needs and circumstances.

Contact a family or internal medicine provider if:

  • You don't have a primary care provider (PCP). It's important to have an established PCP when you're healthy so that if you become ill, you will have a physician to turn to who already knows you well.
  • You're due for a regular check-up, screening or preventative treatment.
  • You aren't feeling well or have other health concerns.

Mount Nittany Physician Group offers family medicine, internal medicine, and pediatrics practices at eight convenient locations throughout the region. See a full list of locations and providers below to find the right provider to take care of you and your family.



Meet our team

"I look at my relationship with my patient as a partnership.” - Cynthia Alexander, MD

"I have a special bond with my patients. And, it means a lot to me to take care of them." - Paul Guillard, MD

"I find that the details of daily living, whether that's eating, drinking, exercise, have greater impacts on the patient's health than anything else.” - Helen Martin, CRNP

"As I got older and started to realize what my true passion was, I realized that becoming a physician is the highest level that I could achieve to help the most people that I can.” - Philip Miller, DO

"I believe that caring for someone is a sacred thing. And, providing someone with the counseling and the guidance to have a healthy life is the most important thing I can do, and I'm very proud of that.” - Michael Murray, MD

"I chose family medicine because I wanted to be a part of the whole scope of a person's life.” - Tania Zuniga, MD

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