Double Vision

Double Vision means that you are seeing one object as two. There are many causes for this condition including:

  • Disease inside the eye

  • Problem with the muscles and nerves that control the movement of the eye

  • Injury to the eye or bones around the eye

  • Disease in the brain

  • Other causes

Further testing is needed to determine the cause of your double vision. Because a serious disease may be present, it is important that you follow up as directed.

Home Care:

1) Double vision will affect your ability to judge distance. This means it will be harder to drive. Do not drive until the problem is corrected.

2) If you were given a removable eye patch, wear it while awake. You may remove it at night to sleep.

Follow Up

with your doctor or as advised by our staff.

Get Prompt Medical Attention

if any of the following occur:

-- Redness, rash or swelling around the eye

-- Sinus or facial pain

-- Severe headache, drowsiness or confusion

-- Vertigo (spinning sensation)

-- Weakness in the muscles of the face, arms or legs; or, difficulty with vision, speech or walking