Tom's story

Understanding what matters to you means not missing what matters most.

Tom once heard nothing special in the sound of a running faucet. Keyboard strikes, ringing phones and blinking turn signals were mere background noise in the soundtrack of life. It wasn't until one day, while lying in bed, that Tom realized he could no longer hear the music coming from his radio in his left ear. More than 25 years went by with his hearing untreated and those everyday sounds that so often went unnoticed began to become mostly unheard.

As a volunteer at the Bellefonte Fine Arts Boosters and a proud father of a Blue Band alumnus, music played an important role in Tom's life. Working in sales, his hearing was vital to his career. A missed word could mean a missed opportunity. His career depended on getting the details right. Tom needed care he could depend on. It was then that he finally turned to his primary care physician, Dr. Christopher Hester.

A part of the Mount Nittany Physician Group, Dr. Hester was able to introduce Tom to a team of more than 20 specialists, including an audiologist who could help restore harmony to life.

By hearing Tom's story, an audiologist was able to provide him with a tailored care-treatment that was not only unintrusive but also effective, and technology like the Phonak ComPilot, that was not only state-of-the-art, but practical. He was once again able to hear a range of sounds that he had all but forgotten.

Now, at the age of 62, Tom can once again appreciate what his impaired hearing was forcing him to miss. Appreciation for the simple things enhanced his quality of life. Thanks to Mount Nittany Physician Group, each and every melody is now music to Tom's ears.