A Winning Team

Understanding what matters to you means not missing what matters most.

Pam and Keith shared a passion for enjoying life that could be seen wherever they went. Whether it was in the stands cheering on the Nittany Lions, or on the golf course cheering on each other, Pam and Keith were a winning team when they were together. It wasn't until after Pam had a common surgery that the couple found out she was suffering from internal bleeding, in addition to other health complications.

This unexpected health crisis facing Pam meant missed games, fewer golf trips and less time enjoying life with Keith. Treatment seemed complex and frightening, and the complications that came with her procedures were many. However, Pam and Keith faced this next challenge with confidence, knowing that they had a trusted physician to rely on.

As Pam's primary care physician at Mount Nittany Health, Dennis Shannon, MD, knew exactly what the crisis facing Pam meant. He bridged the gap between doctor and friend and helped provide Pam and Keith with the care they needed in a way they could understand. Most importantly, as a part of Mount Nittany Physician Group, Dennis Shannon, MD, had access to providers that made up more than 20 specialties. Keeping lines of communications open between the various providers now treating Pam, Dennis Shannon, MD, was able to share resources, providing the best possible care for both the patient and the family.

Realizing that the emotional effect of Pam's crisis didn't just stop at her, Dennis Shannon, MD, was able to provide an unexpected source of support for Keith. Through routine check-ins and constant attention to detail, Dennis Shannon, MD, related to Keith as a friend willing to listen. He was a part of their team, facing this bump in the road, and a part of the celebration with each sign of good news.

Back on the green and tailgating again, Pam's health scare has given her a renewed appreciation of the invaluable time spent with Keith. As an advocate for a healthier lifestyle, Dennis Shannon, MD, has helped strengthen the couple's passion for enjoying life. Making routine check-ins with a doctor turned friend, Pam and Keith have managed to be proactive in preventative forms of healthcare. They refuse to miss another shot at enjoying their life together.