A Growing Family of Care

Understanding what matters to you means not missing what matters most.

Passing on lessons to younger generations is one of the more rewarding feelings in life. As a first grade teacher at Mountaintop Area Elementary school, Nicole was familiar with that role. She spent much of her time caring for students in the classroom. When she decided to begin a family with her husband, David, she knew she needed a partner in healthcare dedicated to making sure her children's futures were as bright as her students’ futures.

During her first pregnancy, Nicole turned to John O’Shea, MD, FACOG, who understood that peace of mind mattered to her. John, and the whole Mount Nittany Physician Group ob/gyn practice, was able to answer the many questions that accompanied the uncertainty of a first baby. Throughout the pregnancy, he was able to keep Nicole's mind at ease with regular checkups. Nicole was able to focus on caring for her career and husband while awaiting the birth of her daughter, Estelle.

Motherhood was a perfect fit. It wasn't too long after giving birth to Estelle that Nicole and her husband received the happy surprise that they were expecting their second child. With the additional element of a toddler running around the house, Nicole once again turned to the ob/gyn team at Mount Nittany Physician Group for care to relieve the extra stresses of pregnancy. Although Estelle was born through a cesarean section, Nicole wanted her second pregnancy to be a natural birth. With careful planning, the team was able to explore the risks and benefits of trying a VBAC and was able to give Nicole the birthing experience that she had always dreamed of.

Welcoming her second child, David, Nicole needed a healthcare team that would continue to care for her family as it grew. As part of the Mount Nittany Physician Group, Nicole and her family were connected to James Powell, MD, for a specialty in pediatrics. Now Estelle and David also had a partner in care.

The mother of a toddler and infant at home, Nicole is able to balance her career and motherhood duties, thanks to the help she receives from Mount Nittany Physician Group, where she has a team of healthcare providers to set her mind at ease. This way, she can spend more time focusing on teaching her children life lessons or planning the next addition to her growing family.