Making Each Goal Count

Understanding what matters to you means not missing what matters most.

Every child needs a pediatrician helping him or her to stay healthy. As a 12-year-old balancing her time between school and soccer, Morgan is no exception. The care it takes to keep her in the classroom and on the field is important. Luckily, Morgan has a pediatrician who understands just that.

Caring for Morgan for years, Elizabeth Klinke, MD, has gotten to know what makes Morgan unique. As the middle child of five children, visits to the pediatrician often mean entire family trips. Still, Morgan receives personal treatment she can count on from Elizabeth thanks to the extent of care offered in two convenient pediatric locations in the region.

With access to more than 20 specialties in the Mount Nittany Physician Group, Elizabeth provides a resource of care for Morgan and her family as they grow. She works to understand what matters to Morgan to better understand how to treat her.

Elizabeth provides expert care while treating Morgan as a person, not just a patient. In working as a team, the two foster a healthier lifestyle, and Morgan can continue to make each goal count – both on and off the soccer field.