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Understanding what matters to you means not missing what matters most.

From the day Liam was born, his parents knew he was something special. As their first child, he meant the world to his family. However, being premature, Liam was weaker than most at birth. Suffering from various allergies and ailments, the majority of Liam’s first years of his life included ER visits, hospital admissions and doctors’ appointments.

Given Liam’s health conditions during the first 18 months of his life, he spent the next several months catching up on the development of where he should have been for his age. On the playground, Liam would sometimes fall behind when he was playing with friends his age. It broke Jennifer's heart to see her son struggling to keep up with his peers. She wanted Liam to have his childhood. Luckily, she wasn't fighting for it alone.

As his pediatrician since birth, Elizabeth Klinke, MD, was by Liam's side every step of the way. Elizabeth devoted her time to understanding every ailment that prohibited Liam from enjoying the childhood he deserved. Working with his parents to understand what mattered most to their son, Elizabeth was able to provide care for Liam that was as unique as he was.

Hearing about his favorite hero from the latest book he was reading or seeing his coolest new toy, Elizabeth became more than just a doctor to Liam – she was a friend. Elizabeth was willing to come in early or stay late, often reaching well outside of her own realm of healthcare knowledge.

As part of Mount Nittany Physician Group, Elizabeth was able to tap into her resource of more than 20 specialties to make sure that Liam received the specialized care he needed most. She was able to treat Liam locally, providing him with convenient care. This became particularly meaningful to the family when Jennifer discovered that she was carrying Liam's baby brother, Jackson.

Now four, Liam is as full of energy as ever. He no longer has trouble keeping up with his friends on the playground and loves spending time with his little brother. His high energy is contagious to his parents who can see the difference in his behavior. Still, Liam always looks forward to his routine check ups with Elizabeth, excited to show her the newest move he learned in Tae Kwon Do.