More Care for Caregivers

Understanding what matters to you means not missing what matters most.

As mother to a three-year-old and newborn baby girl, Kayla knows that being a mom is a fulltime job. Her days at home are often spent caring for her daughters and husband, Jonathon. As a registered nurse, Kayla's motherly touch extends from her personal life to her professional life. While serving two jobs dedicated to caring for others, Kayla rarely has the time to care for herself.

When expecting her firstborn, Leah, Kayla turned to her OB/GYN specialist Angela Hardyk, MD. Although accompanied by the normal fears and stresses of a first child, Kayla's pregnancy went well with Angela by her side. She received the care that she needed while pregnant and was able to continue that care with Leah's pediatrician, thanks to Angela's team of more than 20 specialties and 120 providers within the Mount Nittany Physician Group.

Pregnant for the second time, Kayla and Jonathon once again turned to Mount Nittany Physician Group. Busy caring for others, Kayla knew that she had care she could count on with Angela and her team. Even when encountering minor complications during her pregnancy, Kayla's trust in Angela was reinforced with routine non-stress tests and regular monitoring to ensure healthy growth.

Now the proud parents of two daughters, Kayla and Jonathan excitedly watch as their family grows. Kayla knows that her loved ones will remain in the care of the Mount Nittany Physician Group. As Leah and her sister continue to grow, their pediatrician will be by their side every step of the way. Kayla can rest assured knowing that she has the help she needs to keep her family healthy and happy.