A Confident Look on Life

Understanding what matters to you means not missing what matters most

The human body is beautiful because of the little details that make it unique. However, small surface imperfections can often have a much deeper effect. Like many, Katrina suffered from acne and on days when her breakouts were more severe, she lost the confidence she needed as a dancer performing on stage.

Katrina resorted to covering up her acne instead of treating it. At school, she depended on makeup to help restore confidence in her appearance. However, it often left her skin feeling worse. The long days spent at dance practice only led to more breakouts. She needed care that could fit her lifestyle of quick makeup and costume changes.

Looking for a proactive treatment in skin care that would show results quickly, Katrina turned to a local aesthetician from Mount Nittany Physician Group’s Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery practice. Here, Katrina was not only able to find the care she needed, but she was also able to become a part of it. Working together, Katrina and her aesthetician created a treatment tailored to a dance lifestyle.

As part of a team of 20 specialties within the Mount Nittany Physician Group, Katrina's aesthetician was able to find new treatments and products specific to her needs. Katrina quickly began to see improvements. Insecurity began fading away along with her acne. The confidence she once felt during a performance was once again returning.

Now, Katrina is more confident both on and offstage. No longer worrying about the insecurities that came with seeing her acne in a mirror or photo, she maintains a fresh and rejuvenated look with a treatment that fits her needs.

Whether it's during a photo shoot or during a routine, Katrina now performs with confidence knowing that she has an aesthetician helping her feel comfortable in her own skin.