A New Adventure

Understanding what matters to you means not missing what matters most.

The human body changes as it ages, and so does the care it takes to keep it healthy. Now in her golden years, Jean is familiar with the healthcare needs that occur over time. Although requiring more specialized care than she did in her youth, Jean is still an adventurous soul, always itching to start her next journey.

Jean's passion for the outdoors is only matched by her love for her family. Retiring from her job as an elementary school teacher and a ski instructor was only the beginning. Whether it's kayaking on the Juniata River with friends or biking the Pan-Mass Challenge 50-mile Children's Cancer Research ride with her grandson, a typical day for Jean involves enjoying life with loved ones. In order to keep her adventures going, Jean needs a healthcare provider that can understand her active lifestyle.

Paul Guillard, MD, has been Jean's primary care physician for more than ten years and has become a dependable healthcare provider and friend. Working together, the two have discovered solutions in Jean's treatments that allow her to stay healthy while enjoying the outdoors. Whether it's for a checkup, lab test or prescription, Jean conveniently receives the care she needs while being connected to a team of more than 20 specialties and 100 providers within the Mount Nittany Physician Group.

Understanding the important role that adventure plays in her life, Paul can help Jean spend her golden years doing what she loves most. The two share the passion of biking and the goal to keep Jean enjoying the outdoors for years to come. Together, they explore non-intrusive treatments for the challenges that accompany aging. With Paul by her side, Jean is ready to take on each new adventure that the years bring her way.