Achieving life's perfect balance

Understanding what matters to you means not missing what matters most.

For Evelyne, balance is at the center of everything she does. Whether it’s practicing TriYoga, traveling to exciting new places or simply going on a crisp morning hike, Evelyne is always looking to keep her mind, body and emotions strong and steady. So, when her whole world began to spin, Evelyne knew something was wrong.

Having recently moved to the Penns Valley area, Evelyne hadn’t had the time to find a primary care physician yet. Suffering from severe dizziness and with no trusted physician to call on short notice, Evelyne decided to go to the ER, where she was diagnosed with vertigo. The medication that the ER prescribed seemed to straighten out her vision. Evelyne thought her world was, once again, centered, but she quickly realized that things still weren’t how they should be.

Evelyne simply felt off. A yoga session seemed like an impossible task to complete. And what normally would’ve been an enjoyable hike now felt like being on a ship at sea. Knowing she was still off-kilter, Evelyne decided to contact Mount Nittany Physician Group for help.

She was quickly matched up with Dr. Bondalapati, whose gentle, collaborative approach helped to settle Evelyne’s nerves. By performing three vertigo treatment maneuvers, Dr. Bondalapati successfully removed all of Evelyne’s dizziness.

Ever since her appointment with Dr. Bondalapati, who is now her regular primary care physician, Evelyne’s mind, body and active lifestyle are back to a strong and steady equilibrium.