Mount Nittany Health Surgical Center requires that patients have a responsible adult with them the day of surgery. This person should remain in the waiting room area during the surgery or be available by phone.

They will be responsible for the patient's transportation home from the Surgical Center. We also recommend that a caregiver stay with the patient for the remainder of the day.

Caregivers Responsibilities for Same-day Surgery Patients

Caregivers of patients who have undergone surgery have several important responsibilities:

  • Have a supply of clear liquids at home for after surgery, such as ginger ale, apple juice, sports drinks and popsicles.
  • A nurse will come get the responsible adult once the patient is awake in the post-operative recovery area. Family members are permitted to accompany the patient in the post-operative area.
  • A nurse will give the patient and his or her responsible adult detailed verbal and written discharge instructions as ordered by the surgeon and will answer any questions.
  • Fill any prescriptions given by the surgeon and follow the discharge instructions regarding administration of the medication(s), if applicable.
  • A responsible adult is required to drive the patient home following surgery. Public transportation, including taxicabs, is not permitted following surgery unless accompanied by the caregiver. You might want to use a blanket and pillow to make the patient comfortable if traveling a distance, but be sure not to interfere with safety belts.
  • Give the patient clear liquids and light meals following surgery (unless otherwise indicated in the discharge instructions). Avoid heavy, greasy meals, especially fast food.
  • Put discharge instructions on the refrigerator or by the telephone so the surgeon's instructions are close at hand for easy reference and in case of an emergency.
  • If any problems should arise, call the Surgical Center at 814.234.6750 immediately.