When it comes to children, there's no such thing as routine surgery. We understand that surgery can be a source of anxiety for both kids and parents. Our caring, expert team of surgeons and healthcare professionals is experienced in performing surgeries on young patients and meeting the unique needs of children throughout the process.

To help reduce your child's anxiety, Surgical Center staff takes special care to make them as comfortable as possible. Children can watch videos, color or just visit with family while being prepped for surgery. Our caring staff is happy to answer all of their questions and walk them through the process so they know what to expect.

Surgery is an experience that involves the entire family. We know the reassuring presence of parents helps alleviate fears and prepare children for surgery. Our facilities are designed to allow children and parents to be together as much as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can I stay with my child the entire time?
  • Will I be updated on the progress of my child's surgery?
  • Can a grandparent or step-parent sign the consent form for surgery?

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Talking to Your Child About Surgery

Surgery can be stressful for anyone, let alone your child. That's why we've compiled some helpful information about preparing your child, and your entire family, for surgery at Mount Nittany Health.

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