Nursing Services

Nurse pushing cart down the hallway.Often serving as frontline clinical staff, nurses provide care and comfort as well as on-floor clinical expertise.

With more than 450 nurses system-wide, our caring nursing staff brings specialized expertise to patient care. Patients may interact with several different kinds of nurses within Mount Nittany Health. You can expect a high level of training, professionalism and dedication from nurses in all departments.

Registered Nurses

More registered nurses (or RNs) work in hospitals than in any other medical setting. At Mount Nittany Medical Center, there are more than 400 RNs; more than 450 RNs work throughout Mount Nittany Health.

RNs often specialize in the kind of care they provide. For instance, on the oncology floor, all nurses are required to complete a course on biotherapy/chemotherapy. Special courses on head and neck cancer were offered prior to the unit accepting post-op head and neck cancer patients. At least nine of the nurses in the oncology department have advanced degrees and some are master's-level prepared.

Nurse Practitioners

Nurse practitioners are advanced practice nurses who provide healthcare services much as a physician would. They can diagnose and treat a variety of conditions, including ordering and interpreting diagnostic tests, as well as prescribe medication and manage overall care. Patients can see a nurse practitioner as their primary care provider.

Like RNs, nurse practitioners have advanced training—most have master's or doctorate degrees—and can specialize in a particular kind of patient care. Currently, six nurse practitioners offer care through Mount Nittany Physician Group.