Diabetes Care

Dealing with diabetes is a lifestyle challenge, and facing a chronic condition can sometimes feel overwhelming.

Mount Nittany Health is committed to providing a full spectrum of diabetes services to our community.

Our diabetes team doesn't just treat the medical aspects of the disease; our experts work to educate our community about how to prevent diabetes through nutrition and exercise, how to best manage all facets of the disease, how to reduce the risk of complications and how to live a long, full life with minimal restrictions from diabetes.

Diabetes Services

Mount Nittany Health offers comprehensive nutritional, educational and inpatient services to provide the highest level of diabetes care to our patients.

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Diabetes Network

The mission of Mount Nittany Health’s Diabetes Network is to delay the onset of diabetes, promote early diagnosis, and improve diabetes management and outcomes in the region.

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Living Well with Diabetes

For more information on living with diabetes, please click here.

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Diabetes Network News Article

Assigning Blame Only Makes Obesity and Diabetes More Difficult To Deal With

Do overweight people with diabetes have themselves to blame? Yes! Just like almost every other disease, obesity and type 2 diabetes are at least in part caused by what we do. As examples, behaviors like smoking, exposure to stress and what we eat contribute to whether we suffer heart disease, infections and many forms of cancer. In fact, even not getting eight hours of sleep each night affects health. So yes, overweight people with diabetes have themselves to blame, in part. But, is there any point to assigning that blame? Is anyone helped by that blame? Do we typically blame the smoker dying of lung cancer, or do we as neighbors and friends try to help the patient and his or her family? Do we usually blame the rock-climber who was injur...

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