General Cardiology

Whether it's managing your heart's health before a cardiac event or adapting to life after one, Mount Nittany Health provides an array of general cardiology services focused on your heart's health.

General cardiology services are available from a number of providers who are a part of Mount Nittany Health and at several Mount Nittany Health locations, including Mount Nittany Health - Park Avenue, Mount Nittany Health - Mifflin County, Mount Nittany Health - Penns Valley, and at Mount Nittany Medical Center.

Cholesterol Management

Basic heart health starts with managing cholesterol levels. While any primary care physician can help adults monitor their cholesterol levels with blood work before problems arise, patients with diagnosed heart conditions can rely on the expertise of cardiologists to help keep cholesterol levels under control.

Treatment for patients with cholesterol concerns can include dietary changes alone or in combination with prescribed medication.

Heart Failure Management

Mount Nittany Physician Group has added a heart failure program to its cardiology services to empower people diagnosed with heart failure to take charge of his or her illness and find ways to remain stable and well-functioning; eliminating the need for a return visit to the hospital.

After an individual is evaluated by one of our cardiologists, treated, and ready for hospital discharge, they are “enrolled” in the Heart Failure Clinic and are seen within one week. The visits are with a Physician Assistant (PA) in conjunction with the Mount Nittany Physician Group cardiologist.

Weekly visits are centered on symptoms, vital signs, and weight monitoring, medication adjustment, and education. Screening for depression and sleep apnea is done, and smoking cessation and minimizing alcohol intake are discussed. The primary caregiver is encouraged to participate for ongoing support at home and adherence to the program. Visits are then decreased as the individual stabilizes and improves. Click here to learn more about the program. 

Cardiac Rehabilitation

For patients diagnosed with cardiovascular disease or those recovering from a heart-related procedure, Mount Nittany Health offers an array of cardiac rehabilitation services to help you adjust to life with a heart condition.

Our cardiac rehabilitation program includes carefully monitored progression of exercise, heart health education and counseling in risk factor modification. Your cardiology team will build a program that suits your condition and lifestyle.