Patient Safety

Medical staff monitor a patient's safety and comfort.Because we believe in quality healthcare, Mount Nittany Medical Center promotes patient safety and establishes protocols and processes to avoid medical errors. We also invest in continuing education opportunities that allow our staff to keep current with medical advances and best practices.

Medical errors are mistakes that may involve medication, surgery, tests or other components of your healthcare. While we're committed to procedures that ensure that these are minimized, there are also many ways you can help promote your safety and minimize the chance of medical errors.

  • Talk to your healthcare providers. Tell them about your health. Ask them any questions you have. If you don't understand something, ask for clarification.
  • If you are admitted to a medical facility, take a complete list of your medications with you and show it to your physician and your nurse. This will help them make sure that any new medications will not cause problems with ones you already take.
  • Tell your physician if you have any allergies and tell him or her about any problems that your medications have caused, such as a rash or stomachache.
  • Do not tamper with any equipment in your room. Call for a nurse if you have questions or concerns about the equipment in your room.
  • If you have been cautioned not to get out of bed without assistance, please follow these instructions; they are meant to help protect you from falling and possibly suffering a serious injury.
  • When you pick up your medication at the drug store, make sure that it is what your physician ordered. If you have any questions about your prescription, ask the pharmacist before you leave the drug store.