Ask Our VP for Quality

Gail M PortraitMeet Gail A. Miller, RN, MS, CPHQ, Vice President for Quality at Mount Nittany Medical Center.

In her current role as Vice President for Quality, Ms. Miller leads the Medical Center's efforts to continually improve the quality of care our patients receive. She supports the Medical Center's "Improvement through Innovation" initiative by:

  • Remaining up to date on all best practices in the field of healthcare quality and performance improvement.
  • Designing ways to implement those practices at the Medical Center.
  • Tracking and measuring success in quality improvement.
  • Coordinating organizational responses to events to ensure that the Medical Center meets quality measures.
  • Communicating efforts and measures of quality to the Medical Center's Patient Care Committee.
  • Identifying educational needs.
  • Designing methods of implementation of quality and patient safety improvement initiatives for the Medical Center's clinical staff.
  • Ensuring the Medical Center's continuing compliance with The Joint Commission standards.

Ms. Miller started her career at Mount Nittany Medical Center in 1976 as a medical-surgical nurse. She has since served as: Critical Care Staff Nurse, Employee Health Nurse, Supervisor of the Sterile Processing Unit, Infection Control Coordinator and, most recently, Director of Performance Improvement and Education, before her appointment to Vice President for Quality in 2007.

Have a Question for Our VP for Quality?

Ms. Miller is happy to answer questions via email. Please ensure that your questions only address healthcare quality subjects at Mount Nittany Medical Center, as Ms. Miller is not a physician and cannot dispense any medical advice or comment on clinical issues.

While every effort will be made to address your question within five to seven business days, please understand that Ms. Miller may have engagements from time to time that preclude her from meeting this timetable. If your question has not been addressed within two weeks, feel free to send a reminder email.

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that by reviewing these frequently asked questions about quality, you will be better prepared to be a participant in ensuring the highest level of safety while at the Medical Center.

What is quality of care?

Quality of care refers not only to the level of medical care received, but also encompasses safety, infection prevention, treatment measures and the overall patient experience.

How does Mount Nittany Medical Center ensure high-level quality of care?

Mount Nittany Medical Center strives for the highest quality of care. We believe that by providing an excellent experience in a safe, caring environment, patients and their family will achieve their healthcare goals. With safety being a top priority, our medical staff and healthcare employees are trained in safety measures to prevent procedural or medication errors, and infection control processes are in place to limit the risk of healthcare-acquired infections.

Here are just a few of the many highlights of our commitment to quality:

  • Every three years, the Medical Center participates in a voluntary, unannounced review process through The Joint Commission. In 2010, the Medical Center received the Gold Seal of Approval from The Joint Commission. This review includes all aspects of patient care with an emphasis on safety.
  • The Medical Center has received seven VHA Pennsylvania Achieving Patient Care Excellence Awards for extraordinary levels of heart attack and surgical infection quality measures.
  • The American Heart Association awarded the Medical Center the Get With the Guidelines-Heart Failure Achievement Award in 2011. The recognition signifies that the Medical Center has reached an aggressive goal of achieving 85 percent compliance with the AHA's core standard levels of care in the treatment of heart failure patients.
  • To increase patient safety and quality, the medication management process was enhanced to include MEDITECH's Computerized Medication Verification System. This ensures safer practices and further protects the "six rights" of medication management: right patient, right medication, right dosage, right route, right time and right frequency.
  • Mount Nittany Medical Center passed the biennial Pennsylvania Department of Health licensure survey. This assessment includes a review of files and interviews with staff as well as observation of care and area inspections to ensure safety and quality of care.

What steps can I take to ensure that I get the highest quality of care?

Patients and caregivers are encouraged to take an active role in the treatment process. This includes participating in making healthcare decisions and understanding procedures and medications. Your physician will work with you to determine the appropriate treatment plan and can answer any questions you may have along the way.

Read more about being an active participant in ensuring a safe experience at the Medical Center

Additionally, check out our helpful articles in the Life & Health section of the website, which include upcoming educational events open to the public and the expansive Wellness Library.

How can I learn more about quality at Mount Nittany?

For more information about quality, call Gail Miller, Vice President for Quality, at 814.231.7829 or email her at