Shannon Manley, PhD, Pediatric Psychologist, Joins Mount Nittany Physician Group; Expands Mental Health Services for Youth and Teens

August 08, 2022
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Mount Nittany Health is pleased to announce that Pediatric Psychologist, Shannon Manley, PhD, has joined Mount Nittany Physician Group Pediatrics.  She will be practicing at the Mount Nittany Health – Boalsburg location.

“Mount Nittany Physician Group is one of the largest pediatric health care providers in Centre County and partnering with them provides me a great opportunity to provide therapy and psychological testing services to many children and families who would otherwise have difficulty obtaining these services,” said Dr. Manley.

Mount Nittany Health identified the need for behavioral health services as a priority in its 2019 Community Needs Health Assessment.

“My professional interest in improving access to mental healthcare for families in underserved communities aligns well with Mount Nittany Health’s priorities,” said Dr. Manley.

Dr. Manley holds a Bachelor of Science (magna cum laude) in psychology from Juniata College and a Master of Arts and PhD from the University of Toledo in clinical psychology.

“I am a strong advocate for evidence-based practice. This approach to behavioral healthcare involves using treatments that have been found through research to be effective and tailoring them to the needs and context of each individual child,” said Dr. Manley. “I incorporate this by teaming up with kids and families and acknowledging that everyone on the team has expertise that they bring to the table. I know about science-backed techniques and skills, and kids and parents are experts on themselves: their values, strengths, needs, and circumstances. Together, we can come up with a treatment plan that works for them.”

The pediatric behavioral health services offered by Mount Nittany Physician Group include therapy, testing, and crisis evaluation. Therapy is offered for established Mount Nittany Physician Group primary care patients up to 18 years old. First, a diagnosis and treatment plan are developed through an initial intake evaluation. Then therapy appointments are scheduled. A variety of treatment protocols can be used during these appointments to address each family’s goals. Some concerns that can be addressed in therapy include anxiety, depression, disruptive behavior, posttraumatic stress, identity issues, and self-harm.

Testing is done when a child has behavioral or emotional problems that do not have a clear cause. Psychological assessment tools are used to reach a diagnosis and to inform treatment. Examples of issues that can be evaluated with psychological testing include attention difficulty, impulsive behavior, social skills deficits, difficulty regulating emotions, and learning difficulty.

“There is still a stigma in our society surrounding mental health services, and the courage, drive, and strength demonstrated by my patients and their families to overcome this fuels me to show up for work every day and provide them with the quality care and support they deserve,” said Shannon.

Dr. Manley is devoted to including accessibility, evidence-based care, and prevention in her professional practice.

“I especially love working with kids and teens because it provides an opportunity for early intervention and prevention of serious impairment later in life,” said Dr. Manley

Dr. Manley loves animals, the outdoors, and her family. She has two dogs, a guinea pig, and lots of plants. She is an avid gardener, true crime podcast listener, and “Bachelorette” fan. Her husband is a physician at Mount Nittany Physician Group.

To learn more about the services that Dr. Manley provides, and how to schedule an appointment with her call 814.466.4600.

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