Special Delivery— Mount Nittany Medical Center’s women & children's services unit now open

March 30, 2022
The Foundation
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The providers and staff of the women & children's services unit are the hands that deliver life each day at Mount Nittany Medical Center. They witness countless first moments for newborns and their families as they deliver nearly 1,300 babies every year. Understanding the importance of these moments, Mount Nittany Health developed a five-year plan to improve the Joseph V. and Suzanne P. Paterno women & children's services unit. Our plans are now being implemented as we renovate the unit with a focus on families, staff, and clinical excellence.

"The community really stepped up to help make this new unit a reality," shares Simon Corby, executive director, Mount Nittany Health Foundation. "In fact, the women & children's services unit renovation fund has received more than $660,000 in philanthropic support, helping our medical teams provide the highest quality care so our region can thrive as a healthier, stronger community."

The unit, last remodeled in the 1990s, is the largest unit of its kind in the region. However, the expansion, which will officially open in spring 2022, will double its current footprint.

Renovations include six new labor and delivery rooms, two triage rooms, an advanced technology surgical suite, eleven post-partum rooms, two waiting areas, a nursery suite, a special lactation consulting area, family support areas and clinical offices. 

The redesigned space will emphasize homey, spacious rooms with updated décor, new cribs, multi-functional furniture, tech-friendly features, and state-of-the-art equipment. New parents will recognize an upgrade in the aesthetics, as well as in pre-birth and post-partum areas, which will offer couplet-type spaces – featuring improved accommodations for family members and optimal space for babies to bond with their loved ones.

"It's our privilege to enhance our women & children's services unit for the growing number of families who trust us with their care," said Tiffany Cabbibo, executive vice president, patient care services and chief nursing officer, Mount Nittany Health. "The new unit is just one more demonstration of our commitment to exceptional care to the communities we serve."

An integral part of this effort is Jessica Lewis, RN, Manager, women & children's services unit. Looking back upon her 20-year career at Mount Nittany Health, seeing this five-year-plan coming to completion is a professional and personal highpoint.  "Our women & children's services unit is a critical part of how we serve the community," shared Jessica.

"COVID-19 may have delayed our renovations, but we are pleased to open the doors to the next era of care for women and children. An expanded footprint will also prepare us to fill a void created by a decline of labor and delivery services at other local hospitals."

The upgrades, many of which were implemented based on patient input, will further drive the exceptional, compassionate care that has been the hallmark of the women & children's services unit – enhancing comfort, safety, and quality outcomes for families and babies alike.

Additionally, hospitalist, nurse and support staff will realize a new level of efficiency with improved technology, including negative pressure rooms and a pediatric unit of six private rooms for newborns with special needs. Currently, infants with special needs must be moved to another floor for care.  The addition of the pediatric rooms will also support our pediatric hospitalist program — pediatric hospitalists are specially trained in caring for young patients needing inpatient care.

Mount Nittany Health Foundation is committed to providing our patients with the best care possible. An example of this commitment is renovating our women's & children's services unit to best meet the needs of families and staff. Due to the closing of labor and delivery units in our surrounding communities, more and more families rely on Mount Nittany Health for this vital service. With its emphasis on clinical excellence and patient comfort, the newly renovated unit will meet the needs of today's families as well as meet those of tomorrow. You can still support this project by donating online or calling 814-234-6777. We invite you to visit foundation.mountnittany.org to learn about other ways to contribute to our mission of healthier people and stronger communities.

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