At Mount Nittany Physician Group, our team of more than 150 providers, practicing in more than 30 different specialties, is dedicated to being your partner in health and wellness.  

Whether you're looking for a new doctor or simply want to know our providers better, click on any of the videos below. You'll learn what makes our providers unique, both professionally and personally.


I always say to our staff to remember that when you come in…you're going to be in a position to make a difference in somebody's life.”

Kathleen Rhine

President and CEO, Mount Nittany Health

I have a special bond with my patients. And, it means a lot to me to take care of them.”

Paul Guillard, MD

I look at my relationship with my patient as a partnership.”

Cynthia Alexander, MD

My goal as an audiologist is to reconnect people with each other.”

Daniel Bigart, AuD, CCC-A

How many babies have I delivered? That's somewhere in the hundreds and hundreds. How many babies do I want to deliver? In the thousands!”

Kaitlyn Brunner, DO

I fell in love with working with patients and being able to cure disease with surgery.”

D. Michael Chambers, DO, FACS

I strongly feel that being involved as a decision-maker with the patient, as opposed to a decision-maker for the patient, is the ideal.”

J. Frederick Doucette, MD, FACOG

I fell in love with cardiology. It was the obvious choice for me.”

Jeffrey G. Eaton, MD

I think one of my greatest strengths as a provider comes with my experience of being a mom.”

Maggie Ellis, PA-C

(In my rotation) I discovered breast imaging and realized that it was the best of both worlds… I could do women's health care, but also radiology… That was, you know, the perfect specialty for me.”

Anna Hood, MD

I absolutely love coming to work every day.”

Allyson S. Huggins, MD

To give peace of mind to a patient, that’s what attracted me to medicine.”

Muqueet Kadri, MD

…for me that's the most rewarding part of being a physician, is really seeing the improvement you can make on other people's lives.”

Christopher Kocher, MD

Helping them gain more confidence and love themselves on the outside as much as they love themselves and the inside is absolutely rewarding.”

Lashelle Kuhlman

I enjoy the hands-on aspect of being in a surgical specialty and I really just enjoy continuing to learn and find new ways to continuing to improve patient outcomes.”

Eileen Maney, PA-C

I find that the details of daily living, whether that's eating, drinking, exercise have greater impacts on the patient’s health than anything else.”

Helen Martin, CRNP

As I got older and started to realize what my true passion was, I realized that becoming a physician is the highest level that I could achieve to help the most people that I can.”

Philip Miller, DO

I believe that caring for someone is a sacred thing. And, providing someone with the counseling and the guidance to have a healthy life is the most important thing I can do, and I'm very proud of that.”

Michael J. Murray, MD

It’s very rewarding for me to be able to be with the patients through their life stages and get to know them.”

Shreya Patel, MD, FACOG

One of the most special parts of completing radiation therapy is the last day of treatment.”

Veeral B. Patel, MD

One of my strengths as a physician is really sitting down and taking the necessary time with the patient.”

Emily A. Peterson, MD

I'd say the part of my job that I find that most satisfaction from is not just helping the patient, but also improving their lives overall. ”

Stephen Phillips, DO

One of the things I like about medicine is that it's such a rewarding field.”

Kevin C. Roe, DO

I wanted to be responsible for taking care of the sickest patients that were in the hospital.”

Gregory Ruff, MD

My strength as a pediatrician is my ability to relate to parents and to patients.”

Rachel Schwab, MD

To share those really unique moments with my patients—it’s like no other feeling on earth.”

Jessica B. Shuman, MD, FACOG

Mount Nittany Physician Group puts the patient first.”

Alexander W. Szymanski, MD

The most important thing to me when I walk into a patient room is… that we're about to do is something that's going to help them be better.”

Susan Trainor, CDE, CRNP

The most memorable moments with patients are when they're particularly sick in the ICU and I can help them.”

Steven Vilensky, MD

I like to treat my patients with kindness and compassion.”

Caryl Waite, PA-C

I truly feel like this is where I'm supposed to be. So, I love my job.”

Lynn Whittaker, CRNP, AOCNP

You have to walk them through that decision making process, and you really should only recommend what you would recommend to your family member.”

Kevin Wilson, MD

The best part of my job is knowing that I have the ability to find something as early as possible so that my patients can undergo the least treatments possible and still have a cure.”

Allison Yingling, MD

My personal philosophy is to communicate and connect with the patient. I try to deliver down-to-earth medicine.”

Christopher Yingling, MD

...just knowing that you could make some kind of difference in their life, and in their health, and influence it in a positive way, is rewarding.”

Nicole Young, PA-C

I think the most rewarding aspect of the job is meeting the patient and becoming friends with them and really getting to know them more than just as a person that has a certain disease. We are more than a disease.”

Albert R. Zoda, Jr., MD, FACC

I chose family medicine because I wanted to be a part of the whole scope of a person's life.”

Tania Zuniga, MD