Family and friends are welcome to visit proud parents and their new baby at Mount Nittany Medical Center! Please follow the guidelines below to ensure the health of both the new baby and recovering mother.

Visitation in the birthing room is limited to designated labor support persons. The Medical Center generally recommends no more than two visitors at one time. This helps mothers and babies get plenty of rest. It also protects babies from germs and disease.

For those whose health an recovery depends on a quieter environment, the nurse may limit visits.

Only children who are siblings of the newborn may visit. Siblings who are younger than 10 years old need charge nurse approval to visit. Children who are not siblings can visit the mother and baby after their return home (this allows their parents to visit without worrying about the safety of children who might be curious about the environment of the hospital). Children will not be left in the care of the patient, either in labor or on the Mother/Baby Unit. Children are not permitted to spend the night in the labor/postpartum rooms.

We ask that all visitors be aware of noise levels and respect other patients' rights to privacy.

If the baby has a cesarean birth (C-section), the birthing room is also the recovery room. In these cases, only the labor support persons are allowed during recovery.


Everyone must wash their hands before touching the baby. Sinks are in the patients' and visitors' bathrooms. Hand sanitizer is also available in the rooms and hallways.

Mothers may also use the fourth floor lounge to visit with family and friends. Visiting in the nursery is limited to the mother and the labor support person who has the matching baby bracelet. Others may see the baby through the nursery window or in the mother's room.