After delivery, you spend one to two hours recovering in the same birthing room to which you were admitted.

The nurse checks vital signs (temperature, pulse, respiration and blood pressure), the uterus, bleeding, stitches (if any) and the incision (if baby was delivered by Cesarean).

During recovery, you may have something to drink and make phone calls. The baby (if his/her condition permits) and your labor support person may be with you during the recovery period. The baby can be fed at this time also.

The baby's brothers, sisters, and grandparents may visit you and your baby during recovery in the birthing room. Children must have adult supervision at all times.

The baby is admitted to the newborn nursery after spending some family time together.

When your condition permits, you are transferred to the Mother/Baby Unit, where you will rest and spend time with your family until you and your new baby are ready to return home.