Maternity Services

Welcoming a new baby into the world is a wonderful experience for a family, and family-centered maternity care is encouraged at Mount Nittany Medical Center.

Deliveries, during which the father or another support person may participate, are conducted in private, home-like birthing rooms. Afterwards, mother/baby nursing care and rooming-in allow the baby to be cared for in one of 11 private postpartum rooms.

We even provide a unique celebratory birth day dinner with tablecloth service, presented by Nutrition and Culinary Services. This gourmet meal is served at lunch or dinner time, with restaurant-style amenities.

From the moment you register to the day you drive home, Mount Nittany Medical Center is committed to making the delivery process as wonderful as it should be.

Delivery at Mount Nittany Medical Center

Delivery should be a special experience for the whole family, and we invite parents to familiarize themselves with what they can expect on the day they bring a child into the world. Take our labor & delivery virtual tour now.

Delivery starts with admission at the Medical Center

Cord Blood Donation Program

Mount Nittany Medical Center is now offering a cord blood donation program through the Dan Berger Cord Blood Program. To learn more about the program, click here.

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Tips & Support

Whether you're a new parent or welcoming a sibling into the family, there's always something to learn about raising children.

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Health Break Article

Labor & Delivery: The Birthing Experience

This week is National Birth Center Week. Traditionally, a birth center is defined as a homelike setting for labor and delivery of newborns, where the parents can make decisions about their experience with few interventions and procedures. Birth centers and hospital maternity wards have the same purpose – delivering healthy babies. Often, they offer different services to achieve that purpose, although there are similarities. In some hospital maternity wards nowadays, for instance, there are things that might be more closely associated with a birth center, such as birthing balls, relaxation aids, massage treatments, and baths or showers to promote a calmer setting. Some laboring couples choose hypnotism, visualization and imagery to reliev...

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