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August 2017
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Parents Need to Know is a newsletter written by Craig Collison, MD, pediatrician with Mount Nittany Physician Group.
Healthy sleep habits a must have for back-to-school
Written by John Solic, MD, sleep medicine, Mount Nittany Physician Group
John Solic, MD, sleep medicine, Mount Nittany Physician Group

As summer winds down, new pencils, backpacks, and the perfect back-to-school outfit are replacing swimsuits and flip-flops. As you prepare your children for the start of a new school year, it is important to remember that an established nighttime routine is also essential.

For children between the ages of three and five, between 11 and 13 hours of sleep per night is recommended. If your child repeatedly awakens during the night, poor sleep habits may be to blame. Nighttime fears and nightmares are part of normal development and are common for this age group. Sleepwalking and sleep terrors also peak during this time.

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Ask the pediatrician: Hand, foot, and mouth disease

Hi Dr. Collison,

My 4-year-old son was recently diagnosed with hand, foot, and mouth disease. When can I send him back to day care? And how can I prevent him from catching it in the future?

Hand, foot, and mouth disease sounds scary, but in reality it is a common and contagious illness caused by a virus which spreads though person-to-person contact through respiratory ingestion or through contact with stool of children who are infected. Usually kids age five and under are the most affected by the illness, but older kids and adults can catch it, too.

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A guide to safe fall sports

Fall means school is in full swing again and many young athletes are ready for the start of the fall sports season. Follow these guidelines to keep your athlete on the field, court, track, or course.

  • Suit up with the right equipment. Make sure your child has the appropriate protective gear for his or her sport such as helmets, shin guards, mouth guards, pads, protective cups and eye protection.
  • Don’t forget to warm up. A light jog followed by stretching will help to loosen joints and increase blood flow to the muscles.
  • Know the rules of the game. Your child should understand the rules of his or her sport and know what moves are or aren’t allowed to keep him or her and other players safe.
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Recent product recalls

Here are recent product recalls announced by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). For the most up-to-date recall information, please visit and click on the Recalls tab from the home page.


Name of product: iRover self-balancing scooters/hoverboards

Hazard: The lithium-ion battery packs in the self-balancing scooters/hoverboards can overheat, posing a risk of smoking, catching fire and/or exploding.

Incidents/Injuries: There have been two reports of the battery packs in the recalled self-balancing scooters/hoverboards smoking and overheating. No injuries or property damage have been reported.

Description: This recall involves iRover self-balancing scooters, commonly referred to as hoverboards, model numbers 87645 and 87644.  Hoverboards have two wheels at either end of a platform and are powered by lithium-ion battery packs. The boards have “iRover” printed on the front outer casing and come in black and white. The model number is listed on the bottom of the unit.

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