Planning For Your Stay

Not all visits to the hospital can be planned for in advance, but if you know that you are going to be admitted to Mount Nittany Medical Center on a specific date for a planned procedure, there are certain steps that you can take to prepare both yourself and your loved ones.

Following these instructions will help ensure that you have a positive experience during your stay at the Medical Center.

Pre-Operative Instructions

Depending on the procedure you will be undergoing at the Medical Center, your physician may have provided you with a set of pre-operative instructions. Be sure to read them and do exactly as they say. The information included in these instructions is there for your safety.

What to Bring

We do our best to make you feel at home, but a hospital is not the place for some things. As such, there are a number of items you should leave at home when coming to the Medical Center for an inpatient stay.

Do not bring large amounts of cash or other valuables. You should also leave any medications that you are currently taking at home—Mount Nittany Medical Center's pharmacy and your primary physician will ensure you get the medication you need. Instead of bringing the actual medication, bring a list of all medications that you take regularly.

You should also bring photo identification, your insurance information and a list of any other pertinent medical information, like allergies.

Registration and Check-In

On the day of your scheduled procedure, enter the Medical Center through the front entrance and give your name to the attendant at the information desk. He or she will help you get to the proper place and start the admittance process.

Friends & Family

We've collected a number of helpful resources and information specifically for family and friends of our inpatients in our visitors' section.

How many visitors you may have and when they are allowed to visit depends on where in the hospital you will be staying. If your loved ones have questions about your room assignment or any other aspect of the Medical Center's visitation policy, they can call 814.231.7000.