Frequently Asked Questions

Mount Nittany Medical Center is filled with physicians, nurses, support staff and volunteers who are happy to answer questions, give directions or lend a helping hand.

We've tried to collect some of the questions that we get most frequently to ensure that our patients and visitors have as much information as possible before even coming to the Medical Center.

How can my family reach me in the hospital?

Family members may call 814.231.7000, then dial the extension of your room.

Am I allowed to use my cell phone in my room?


When I check in, what personal belongings should I bring?

There are several items you should make sure to bring with you for your stay (such as a list of your medications and allergies) as well as items you should leave at home (such as your medications and any valuables).

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Can clergy members visit me?

Yes. Please find a list of visiting hours here.

Additionally, the Medical Center's Pastoral Care Department is available. These volunteers, led by Rev. Dr. Margaret "Peggy" Lindsey, seek to supplement and enhance, not replace, the services provided by a patient's own clergy.

What will my insurance cover? Who pays for added expenses?

Your insurance carrier may be contacted prior to your stay to determine covered expenses. Added expenses will be paid by you.

Can my family and friends make decisions when I am unable to?

Yes, but to prepare for this situation, please consider completing an advance directive now while you are able to communicate your wishes. While this form is not mandatory for Medical Center patients to complete, it is most useful to have your preferences clearly expressed in writing.

What kind of food services does the Medical Center provide for patients?

Inpatient meals are dietitian-approved and chef-prepared. Our patients consistently rank the quality of both our meals and service as superior.

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Is there an ATM in the building?

Yes. An ATM is located near the temporary main entrance.

Can family escort me to the operating room? Where should they go to wait?

While family and friends cannot be in the operating room during your procedure (except in cases such as a Caesarian birth), they can accompany you in the pre- and post-operating areas.

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Can I bring my own clothes?

For some stays, you may wear your own clothes, and for some stays, we may ask that you wear a hospital gown.

Can I get a private room?

Nearly all of Mount Nittany Medical Center's inpatient rooms are now private.

Will I have Internet access in my room?

Yes. The Medical Center offers wireless Internet throughout the facility at no charge to you. In addition, the television in your room is equipped with Internet capabilities.

Is there an extra charge for television in my room?

No. Television is provided as an added comfort for you while you are with us.

Are children allowed to visit?

Children may visit every floor except the Intensive Care Unit unless special arrangements are made with the nurse.

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Can a visitor stay with me overnight? What hotels are close by?

There are sleepover options available for parents of children staying overnight at the Medical Center.

There are several nearby hotels, many of which offer discounts to family and friends of Mount Nittany Medical Center patients.

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What happens when it’s time for me to be discharged?

When it is time for you to be discharged, your physician will meet with you and finalize your discharge instructions. Your nurse will review the instruction with you and help you with any necessary accommodations, such as prescriptions or connections to an assisted living facility. When your family arrives to pick you up, a nurse will take you by wheelchair to the main entrance to get in your car.

For additional help planning for care after discharge, contact our Case Management Department.

Do you provide translation services?

Communicating clearly with patients is critical to ensuring the best medical care for our patients, which is why Mount Nittany Medical Center provides certified interpreters for patients who indicate that English is not their preferred language for communicating about their treatment.

Translation services through third party vendors—available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year—include online video interpretation for American Sign Language and phone interpretation for speakers of languages other than English.

Additionally, some of our key patient documents are available in Russian, Chinese and Spanish, and we can arrange to have other documents translated as needed for our patients. For more information about translation services, contact Kathy Dittman at 814.234.6780.