Fill your plate plan

Fill Your Plate - change your weight

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The Fill Your Plate plan gives you ways to fill your body with healthy foods. Each plateful has about 450 calories. Prepare these foods with small amounts of "good fats" such as olive oil, canola oil, nuts, etc.

Whole grain cereal with skim or low fat milk or
Whole grain toast - two slices

Each day, have two cups of skim or low fat milk and two pieces of fresh fruit.

1. Fill half your plate with raw or cooked vegetables.
2. Add one cup rice, beans, potato, pasta or two slices of whole grain bread.
3. Fill the rest of your plate with chicken, turkey, fish, beans or lentils.

Fill half of your plate with vegetables. Plan your meal around green, yellow and orange vegetables. Steam green beans, broccoli and carrots. Boil squash, spinach and cauliflower. Eat lettuce, tomato and green peppers raw in salads.

One-fourth of your plate should have potato or yams, pasta or whole grain breads. Rice and beans are good, too. Boil, bake or steam these foods.

One-fourth of your plate can be chicken, turkey, fish or other lean meat. Cook with all fat and skin trimmed off.

The "Fill Your Plate" plan is for everyone. Whether you have diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, want to reduce or weight, or simply eat well, "Fill Your Plate" is for you.