Medical Career Pathways Program through Volunteer Resources

Mount Nittany Medical Center’s Medical Career Pathways Program is designed to give undergraduate students an opportunity to be immersed in a hospital setting and gain valuable experience while giving back to the community.

The Medical Career Pathways Program has four phases

Phase I: Orientation and Training (24 hours)

  • Complete medical center and physician group required training
    • Confidentiality
    • Infection Prevention
    • Safe Transport of Patients
  • Mentor training
    • Learn the specific department job duties
    • Work with a mentor

Phase II: Administrative and In-patient Department Placement (128 hours)

  • Rotations may include:
    • Corporate Services- Bellefonte
    • Medical/Surgical/Orthopedic Department
    • Medical/Oncology Departments
    • Women and Children’s Services
  • Duties will include:
    • Supporting “behind the scenes” medical center and physician group operations
      • Greeting people
      • Support departments with special projects
      • Delivery-newspaper, flowers, cards, etc
      • Supply transport
      • Equipment transport
    • Supporting the patient experience
      • Visitor escort, patient transport and discharge

Phase III Specialty Area Rotations (80 hour)

  • Rotations may include:
    • Emergency Department
    • Ambulatory Care
    • Surgery Center
  • Duties will include:
    • Supporting “behind the scenes” hospital operations
      • Making beds, blanket warmer rotation
      • Bed and wheelchair inventory for pre and post op
      • Pathology/ Lab delivery
      • Refreshment stations-restock, organize, and maintain
    • Supporting the patient experience
      • Visitor escort, patient transport and discharge
      • Jared Box delivery to young patients

Phase IV: Round with a Mount Nittany Health Hospitalist/Intensivist Provider (8 hours)

  • Occurs at the completion of 232 hours
  • Receive certificate of completion

Eligibility Requirements

  • College student that is enrolled in a course for credit that requires field experience hours
  • Must have availability to provide 16 hours of service per week

Thank you for your interest in a student experience with Mount Nittany Health. The application is currently closed. Due to the COVID-19 situation, we have suspended all student experiences until further notice. We will continue to monitor the situation in the coming weeks to determine the best course of action regarding the resumption of student experiences. Thank you.