News | Published October 7, 2019 | Written by Sara Marker, LPN, patient care coordinator, Mount Nittany Health Breast Care Center

Together in the journey: The role of Mount Nittany Health Breast Care Center’s patient care coordinator

Sara Marker, LPN, patient care coordinator, Mount Nittany Health Breast Care Center

At Mount Nittany Health Breast Care Center, my role as the patient care coordinator creates a new service for our patients. It is a unique position that allows me to coordinate personalized care for each patient. Because I often meet with patients at a time when they are worried or have questions, it is my goal to explain the steps needed in caring for their individual breast health needs. It is my honor to spend necessary time with patients in the office or talking on the phone. I want patients to feel comfortable asking questions and hope to ease their minds by arming them with the knowledge of what comes next in their visits with us.

Early detection is key
At the Breast Care Center, we encourage women to have regular yearly screening mammograms, starting at age 40. Screening mammograms are important to significantly increase the likelihood of early detection, thus leading to more positive outcomes including less invasive treatments. We are also focused on providing the most current technology and procedures for our patients, who can count on us for exceptional care.

The Breast Care Center offers a variety of services such as digital mammograms – including tomosynthesis, or 3D mammography – as well as breast ultrasounds, breast MRI interpretation, biopsies, needle localizations and bone density scans. These are all done in a comfortable environment in the care of our professional, compassionate radiologists and staff.

Navigating the process together
I am here to help patients before, during and after services at the Breast Care Center, including a detailed explanation of a visit – from check-in to the mammogram process and post-visit follow up. Patients sometimes delay necessary testing because they are worried or just plain scared. Often, however, understanding the who, what, how and when of the process helps to calm their minds and allows them to feel more confident scheduling that first appointment.

If a biopsy is needed, I am here to walk patients through the procedure from start to finish by reviewing each step of the process, as well as, providing them with a variety of easy-to-understand reading materials to review at home. My contact information is also provided so patients may reach out to me if they have additional questions.

Another service that I offer in my role is coordinating any additional care that may be needed after a patient has met with one of our radiologists, or if they are unsure what to do after receiving any follow-up results from their doctor.

Here to help
The entire team at the Breast Care Center works closely with all healthcare providers involved in a patient’s care. Our skilled radiologists and mammogram technicians are reassuring in their approach, taking the needed time to explain each step of a patient’s diagnosis, images taken, and pre- and post-procedure instructions.

Sometimes waiting to return for a visit or procedure can be the most emotionally difficult part of the breast health journey. With an entire team to help guide you throughout the process, and someone to walk by your side, we hope that together we can make that journey a little easier.

Sara Marker, LPN, is the patient care coordinator at Mount Nittany Health Breast Care Center, located within Mount Nittany Health – Park Avenue at 1850 East Park Avenue, Suite 105 in State College. For more information, visit or call 814.234.6106.

This article originally appeared in the Centre Daily Times.