News | Published July 23, 2012

The Salt and Ice Challenge: What is it? Why is it dangerous?

What will these kids come up with next? You may be aware of a dangerous trend among kids: the Salt and Ice Challenge. If you haven't heard of it, you need to know about it. Kids apply salt to their bare skin then top it with ice cubes and see how long they can endure the pain. The resulting injuries are akin to frostbite, causing severe blistering, intense pain, and scarring depending on the duration of the challenge.

The pre-teens in this story reported in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette learned about the Salt and Ice Challenge through Facebook and YouTube. This is another example of teens doing something without thinking about the potential consequences.

I recommend talking to your kids about these popular challenges so they know that they aren't a good idea and could potentially hurt them significantly. Knowledge is the best defense you can provide your kids with for these inhumane and thoughtless acts.