News | Published January 17, 2012 | Written by Susan Holderman

My Story of Survival

On February 23rd, 2011, I was diagnosed with Stage I Invasive Breast Cancer. I have always been an active, fit person with no family history of this terrible illness. Yet, I wasn't surprised by my diagnosis. I knew the lump in my breast shouldn't be there. I immediately turned to my health care providers, and my gynecologist referred me to Mount Nittany Breast Care Center for diagnostic testing. Early detection saved my life.

After being diagnosed, I received surgical, reconstructive and ongoing oncological care at Penn State Hershey Medical & Breast Care Centers. I cannot speak enough about the exceptional care I received and the incredible way I was treated, as a person, not just another cancer patient, by the doctors, nurses and staff at both centers.

I was encouraged to attend the Breast Cancer Support group at Mount Nittany Medical Center. Although I did not consider myself the 'support group' type, I did attend a meeting and still participate in activities through the group. It was only recently brought to my attention by Cheri Woll, Oncology Nurse Navigator at the Mount Nittany Cancer Program, that it isn't just what you take away from the groups, but what you can give that is important too.

This is why I am delighted to share my story with you, and with Pink Zone. If you are not familiar with this incredible organization, please learn more. Please get out and join them for fundraising events such as PSU Lady Lions basketball game on February 26 at 2:00 pm. If time is an issue, donate! The money raised by this charity goes directly back to our community. Mount Nittany Medical Center, as well as Penn State Hershey, receives funds from Pink Zone, and it is used towards education, awareness and research. As women, we are all at risk, regardless of circumstance. As women in this community, we are blessed by such quality medical facilities so close to home and Pink Zone, which is so passionate about finding a cure!