News | Published July 6, 2012 | Written by Camille Brown, licensed aesthetician

Saving your skin from the summer sun

Our skin has specific needs as it has more exposure to the summer sun.

It is important to continue following your basic skincare regimen, which should include cleansing day and night, moisturizing after each cleansing and exfoliating two to three times per week to remove buildup of dead skin cells and relieve excess oil in pores.

There are additional ways to care and protect the skin during the summer.

  • Use sunglasses that are 100 percent UV rated to protect your eyes, as well as the skin around your eyes
  • Wear clothing that's darker and lightweight to help block the sun's rays (and keep you cooler!)
  • Slip on a hat to provide some protection for the scalp and face
  • Apply an SPF of at least 30 on all areas of exposed skin every 2 hours
  • Keep your skin - and body - hydrated by drinking plenty of water

After exposure to the sun, one important tip is to remember to moisturize. It helps maintain the health of the skin and will give you a healthy glow!

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