News | Published August 6, 2013

Response to Consumer Reports article

Mount Nittany Health prioritizes the safety and quality of each and every patient that comes to us for help. For that reason, we are highly disappointed in the rating formula used in a recent article by Consumer Reports, entitled “Your Safer-Surgery Survival Guide.” Our data does not reflect the implications of the data set used in the article. Further, the rankings and ratings do not reflect what other reporting agencies are indicating about the quality of care at Mount Nittany Medical Center and other health systems.

While we do not feel the Consumer Reports rating accurately reflects the quality of surgical care provided by Mount Nittany Medical Center, we can appreciate that patients need to be able to make decisions for their care with accessible information. Along these lines, we would encourage consumers to consider many factors in selecting their provider, including consulting other, more comprehensive measures of quality care, such as those provided by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, the Hospital & Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania, among others. We also recommend that consumers review the methodology that these agencies use to provide the ratings, rankings and awards to validate legitimacy.

To view comparative quality information about Mount Nittany Health, visit the “Quality and Safety” section of our website at