News | Published January 28, 2014 | Written by Jeanine Pohlhaus, licensed aesthetician

Preferred enzymes for beautiful skin

Enzymes are necessary for life and for every cell process in the body. They can dissolve keratin to soften and hydrate the skin and can be used as an exfoliant for reactive skin or skin too sensitive for a chemical peel.

Some enzymes are considered proteolytic, in which the enzyme dissolves different forms of cellular debris and protein buildup, leaving the skin soft with new clarity and more receptive to any corrective products.

My preferred enzyme treatments are cocoa and raspberry. They both contain bromelain, an ingredient found in pineapple, which is an effective anti inflammatory agent, papain (papaya) and trypsin. These all work together to dissolve sluggish surface skin cells. Cocoa calms irritation and inflammation and leaves the skin glowing, and raspberry is effective for treating sun damage and aging skin.

The enzyme works on its own, or as part of a facial. It is an effective way to help skin compromised by the extreme temperature differences and dehydration that winter weather brings.

It is also is a treat for the senses!