Diabetes Network News | Published November 8, 2010

People Centre'D on Diabetes and local healthcare organizations supporting World Diabetes Day: November 14

Approximately 25 million people in the U.S. are already living with diabetes, and many don’t even know it. Some 60 million are at risk and – if nothing is done – by 2050 1 in 3 may have the disease. But something can be done; diabetes can be prevented, and prevention must start with awareness.

EVENT 1: On November 14, 2010, People Centre’d on Diabetes (PCOD), in collaboration with the Penn State Institute for Diabetes & Obesity and Mount Nittany Medical Center, will be marking World Diabetes Day (www.worlddiabetesday.org). Several buildings in the Centre region will be lit blue to promote diabetes awareness - the Bryce Jordan Center, Mount Nittany Medical Center, the old Union “Mud Church” in Philipsburg, the iconic Corner Room restaurant in State College and the County Courthouse in Bellefonte; internationally, buildings such as the Tower of London and Sydney Opera House will be lit.

Members of the community who are interested in supporting World Diabetes Day can join the PCOD ‘Light the Town Blue’ campaign. You may light your own home or business in blue by buying a blue CFL bulb to place in your porch lamp or in a lamp by a window. The bulbs are available for sale at Ace Hardware in Hills Plaza and if you do participate, be sure to go to the PCOD website and mark your location on our Google Map!

EVENT 2: On November 9, 2010 at 10 am, the Centre County Commissioners' Meeting will sign a proclamation at the Willowbank Building, Bellefonte, that proclaims November 14, 2010 as World Diabetes Day in Centre County and urges participation by individuals in the community to mark this important event to show their dedication to raising diabetes awareness. Representatives from People Centre'd on Diabetes, Penn State Institute for Diabetes and Obesity and Mount Nittany Medical Center will be on hand to provide additional information about diabetes and actions being taken to combat diabetes in the Centre region.