News | Published December 18, 2012 | Written by Kristin Sides, BS, certified patient navigator, cancer program, Mount Nittany Medical Center

Patient navigation: Your helping hand in cancer care

When you first learn you have cancer, it can be a very difficult and overwhelming time. You may have questions about your health as well as available resources offered in your community to help those facing a cancer diagnosis.

Mount Nittany Medical Center wants to make sure you receive top-quality care, so we offer a Patient Navigation program for cancer patients to make sure they have all the resources to help them during this time.

The goal of patient navigators - professionals who guide you through the healthcare system - is to answer your questions and to help you work through any obstacles you may be experiencing. The patient navigator is available to any cancer patient or the family of a cancer patient.

The patient navigator can help:

  • Answer or get answers to questions about insurance and patient assistance programs
  • Fill out forms
  • Find ways to pay for healthcare if you don't have insurance or if your insurance does not cover your treatment
  • Direct you and your family to local resources and support systems
  • Coordinate transportation to and from treatments and medical appointments
  • Direct you to healthcare services for further information about your diagnosis and treatment
  • Get your questions answered about your health
  • Keep track of your appointments
  • Assist you in accessing reduced cost medications

As a cancer patient, all you should have to focus on is getting well. A patient navigator is here to help you do just that and to be your advocate. Centre County has a wealth of available services for people with cancer, so you should know how to utilize these valuable resources.

If you are a person facing a cancer diagnosis or know someone that could benefit from speaking with a patient navigator, please contact Kristin Sides or Cheri Woll in the Patient Navigation Department at 814.234.6175 or by email at Additionally, you can find information about the department on