News | Published August 14, 2014 | Written by Mark Shaw, DO, FACEP, director, Mount Nittany Health Center for Wound Care

Painless skin grafting technology promotes wound healing

After an injury, wound healing is the process by which the skin repairs itself. How well the wound heals depends on how the wound was caused and where on the body the wound is located. In some cases, skin from another area of the body may need transplanted onto a wound in order to promote healing. We call this process “skin grafting.”

While skin grafting may traditionally be thought of as a painful procedure, medicine has come a long way. Today, an advanced, virtually painless technology is available to transplant healthy skin cells to a new area of the body, allowing a wound to heal.

The new technology, utilizing a tissue-removing device called the CelluTome Epidermal Harvesting System, removes small “buds” of the top layer of skin in an office setting, with minimal pain or discomfort.

The CelluTome tool is relatively small, fitting into the physician’s hand. The tool uses warm suction to lift skin cells from the harvesting site. These “epidermal buds” and growth factors are then placed over the wound, allowing the healing process to begin.

Unlike traditional skin grafting, the harvesting site heals within one to two weeks. This means that there is very little discomfort and downtime, and patients do not have to worry about a large incision or scarring. Healing time of the wound itself is also quite rapid.

Mount Nittany Health’s Center for Wound Care has been using this technology since May, and is currently the number one location in the United States in performing the procedure. In our state-of-the-art facility, we offer the latest therapies and clinical modalities to keep our patients healthy. For more information, visit or call 814.231.7868.