News | Published May 11, 2009

Mount Nittany Surgical Center Uses New, Minimally Invasive Technology to Treat Chronic Sinus Infections

For many patients suffering from chronic sinus infections, or sinusitis, surgery is considered the last option. Living with symptoms such as fatigue, congestion, difficulty breathing and headaches are often chosen over surgical procedures.

Mount Nittany Medical Center offers a new surgical technology, Balloon Sinuplasty by Acclarent, which allows the sinus to be opened by placing a small, flexible balloon into the blocked pathway. Once in place, the balloon is inflated, gently opening the sinus pathway, helping to restore function and normal sinus drainage, then deflated and removed.

“Our goal is to alleviate pressure and discomfort for the patient,” says Yi How Kao, MD, an American Board of Otolaryngology certified head and neck surgeon. “This new procedure takes less time to perform, is less painful and leads to faster recovery time for our patients.”

Balloon Sinuplasty is a minimally invasive surgery guided by CT scans for the treatment of sinusitis. In most cases, the surgery can be performed with minimal removal of bone or tissue, leading to faster recovery for patients.