News | Published June 30, 2014

Mount Nittany Health Center for Wound Care offers new epidermal harvesting system

Mark Shaw, DO, FACEP, medical director, Mount Nittany Health Center for Wound Care

Mount Nittany Health Center for Wound Care is one of only a few limited locations in the nation to offer the CelluTome™ Epidermal Harvesting System for skin grafting (transplanting healthy skin). Unlike traditional skin harvesting, which removes a large area of healthy skin, the CelluTome™ System offers a more precise, minimally invasive option for epidermal harvesting.

The CelluTome™ System uses a tool lined with small holes. The tool warms up the skin and creates suction. The heat and suction lift healthy epidermis (the outermost layer of cells in the skin) from what is called the “harvesting site” (area containing healthy skin). This is done without injuring blood vessels/nerves or otherwise damaging the harvesting site. The healthy epidermis is placed over the wound and as soon as the new skin roots to the wound, the healing process begins.

Unlike traditional skin harvesting for split thickness skin grafts, which is typically performed in a hospital setting, harvesting epidermis with the CelluTome™ System is performed in an outpatient setting at the Center for Wound Care. The harvesting site typically heals within one to two weeks.

The Center for Wound Care began using this technology in May 2014. “The results using micrografts obtained with the CelluTome™ System are extraordinary, and we’re proud to offer this innovative option right here at our center,” said Mark Shaw, DO, FACEP, medical director, Mount Nittany Health Center for Wound Care. “The advanced harvesting technology within the system allows for no patient downtime, discomfort, invasive incisions or scarring.”

Located on Radnor Road in State College, PA, the Center has been the recipient of the prestigious Robert A. Warriner III, MD, Center of Excellence award for three consecutive years. For more information, visit