News | Published December 19, 2008

Medical Center Adds Powerful New Tool for Early Detection of Breast Cancer

This year in America, more than 212,920 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Mount Nittany Medical Center advanced the fight against this disease with three new, state-of-the-art digital mammography systems, GE Healthcare Senographe Digital Mammography system, for its patients. This system provides physicians with clear and precise all-digital images, rather than images on X- ray film with analog mammograms.

There are many advantages to a digital system. The images offer a better view of the breast, especially near the skin line and chest wall. The digital image is ready to read within 10 secondsthere is no longer a wait for films to be developed to be sure the images are optimal.

Radiologists have the ability to pull up a patients previous mammography exams for historical comparison or for comparison against other types of images, such as those acquired by ultrasound or MR, resulting in a more comprehensive view of a specific patients medical history. The radiologists also have the opportunity to manipulate the breast image to get the best view for diagnosis.

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