News | Published October 13, 2012 | Written by Camille Brown, licensed aesthetician

How to camouflage a scar

A scar may be permanent, but there are ways to help hide it.

First, look at the color of the scar. It can appear pink, red, purple, light brown or yellow with bruising. Additionally, you will want to see if the scar is fairly smooth or depressed with texture. Recognize that a scar will go through changes over time. Full healing takes one year.

Depending on the color of the scar, use the following guidelines to help camouflage the scar with makeup:

  • Pink or red: Use yellow to counteract the color
  • Brown or purple: Find peach-colored makeup to offset the dark color
  • Yellow: Apply makeup with a light purple tint

Use product with a cream base first. Blot the scar with a sponge, and keep applying more cream or powder until the scar's color fades. Then set the cream by applying a powder that matches the undertone of your skin.

For a scar that has a lot of texture, use fewer layers of cream and powder, because excessive layering will only accentuate the texture. Additionally, make sure that the powder is matte, as anything shiny will only emphasize the texture of the scar.

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