News | Published November 27, 2013

Help lower your child’s risk of injury while playing organized sports

Organized sports can provide many benefits to young athletes, including learning teamwork, but kids who over-train are more likely to get injured.

Athletes ages 8 to 18 who spend twice as many hours per week in organized sports than in free play – especially in a single sport – are more likely to be injured, according to a recent study, “Risks of Specialized Training and Growth for Injury in Young Athletes: A Prospective Cohort Study.” The study also found that athletes who played more hours per week than their age (for example, a 10-year-old who played more than 10 hours per week) are more likely to become injured.

I always suggest moderation with all activities, especially in the youngest of athletes. Make sure your kids are not training too much and that their proportion of sports and free play is not extremely drastic.