Axillary Temperature

Axillary Temperature

An axillary temperature is taken by holding the thermometer under your baby's arm. To provide a correct reading, this must be done with care. Use the steps on this handout as a guide.

Getting the thermometer ready

  • Be sure to use a thermometer that is for underarm use.
  • Clean the thermometer before and after each use.
  • Be sure the thermometer is at room temperature.
  • Remove the cover from the thermometer.

Positioning your baby

  • Hold your baby on your lap. Or lay your infant on his or her back on a firm surface.
  • Grasp your baby's elbow. Gently but firmly, lift the arm away from baby's side.
  • Place the tip of the thermometer in the fold of the armpit. To get a true reading, make sure the thermometers is against your baby's skin on all sides.
  • Bring the arm down next to baby's side.

Taking the temperature

Follow the instructions for using your digital thermometer.

  • Keep your baby's arm against his or her side. This keeps the thermometer in place.
  • When the thermometer beeps, release your hold and gently lift your baby's arm. Remove the thermometer.
  • Read the temperature on the digital display. Normal temperature is around 98.6?F (37?C), but it can range from 97.6?F to 99.6?F (36.4?C to 37.6?C).
  • Before putting the thermometer away, clean it with soap and warm water or alcohol.
  • When reporting the temperature to your baby's health care provider, make sure you tell him or her than it was an axillary temperature reading.