Hip Safety: Getting Into and Out of a Car

Hip Safety: Getting Into and Out of a Car

After hip surgery, getting into or out of a car can be difficult. To keep your hip safe, follow your "hip precautions" and the tips on this sheet. The steps below help you get into a car. Reverse them to get out of a car.

Before getting into a car

  • Have someone move the seat as far back as it will go.
  • Recline the back of the seat if possible.
  • Place a pillow on the seat to keep your hips above your knees, especially if the seat is low.

1. Sit down

  • Stand with your back to the car. Keep your operated leg straight and that foot slightly forward. Feel the car touch the back of your other knee.
  • Hold onto the side of the car and the walker or dashboard.
  • Lower yourself slowly onto the seat. Watch your head.

2. Bring your legs into the car

  • Slide back into the center of the seat.
  • Lift your legs one at a time into the car. As you do so, move your body. Do not twist.
  • Keep your car seat as high as possible to avoid deep hip flexion as you get in or out of the car.