Preparing Your Home After Stroke

Preparing Your Home After Stroke

When your loved one returns home, you'll both need time to adjust. You and the patient will have to transfer the skills learned in rehab to a new location. Be patient with your loved one and with yourself. Planning ahead can help long-term recovery go more smoothly.

Planning for home care

After leaving the rehab center, most patients need to practice their exercises a few times daily. Others still need ongoing therapy or nursing care. Talk with your social worker or case manager about ways of meeting your loved one's needs. Loved ones should help get all needed equipment and training in moving and handling to position the patient safely the home.

Setting up the bathroom

For your loved one's safety, set up the bathroom with the features shown here.

Setting up the home

A few minor changes can make home life easier and safer for your loved one. Try these tips:

  • Turn down the water heater temperature a bit to help avoid burns.
  • Get a cordless or speaker phone. Program emergency numbers and those of family and friends.
  • Light halls and stairways. Keep all walkways free of clutter.
  • Remove any throw rugs. Tape down electrical cords.
  • Try to use a ground-floor bedroom if you live in a multilevel home.