Exercises to Increase Agility: Grapevine (Cross) Steps

Exercises to Increase Agility: Grapevine (Cross) Steps

The following exercise helps to increase your ease and quickness of movement. It copies complex movements.

Note: Always warm up before exercising and cool down after exercising. Stop any exercise that causes pain. Talk with your healthcare provider before starting any physical activity.

Here are the steps for the grapevine (cross) steps exercise:

  • Start with knees slightly bent and feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Cross your right foot in front of your left.
  • With your left foot, step to your left.
  • With your right foot, step behind your left foot.
  • With your left foot, step to the left.
  • After doing the cross-step sequence 2 times in that direction, switch directions.

Repeat the entire exercise 10 times.

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